This class is designed for daily driven street legal diesel trucks with OEM turbo

1. Weight Class 8,500 lb. Diesel Trucks only

2. Work Stock turbos class is to be a stock appearing turbo with a maximum inlet size of 2.50 inches. Turbo will be plugged with a 2.60 inch plug. Factory compound turbos for 6.4L Powerstrokes will be checked at low pressure turbo inlet with same plug. The driver will be responsible for making the compressor wheel and bore accessible for Tech Officials to measure bore and inspect the compressor wheel.

3. Engine and driveline must have been available in a one ton or less truck from the factory. Radiator must be in stock location and of at least stock size.

4. No excessive spooling on line. When the green flag comes out and you touch the throttle you have 5 seconds from that point to leave the start line.

5. No hanging weights. All weights must be secured in the bed of the truck. No weight allowed in the cab. Batteries must be securely mounted and may not be located in the driver compartment or forward of the radiator support.

6. All factory body panels must be in place; this includes a full bed floor able to support the factory payload. A complete interior is required including seats. All factory controls, lights, signals, horn, wipers, etc. must be functional.

7. All factory glass must be in place.

8. The hitch must be a receiver-style hitch; reinforcements are permitted. Reinforcements must not extend forward of the centerline of the rear axle or to the axle housing itself. Trick hitches are prohibited. The hooking point must be the rear-most point on the vehicle and must be rearward of the stock location of the tailgate. The hitch must be horizontal to the ground and stationary in all directions. Bumpers may be notched or removed. The hitch’s height from the ground may not exceed 26 inches. Hooking point must have a minimum 3.0 inch x 3.75 inch opening for sled hook (3.75 inch being front to back of hitch point). The hooking point will be measured to top of hitch hook point.

9. OEM style working suspension front and rear is required. A minimum of 1 inch of rear suspension travel required. If air bags are installed it cannot be a live system, the lines may not contain more than 15 psi. Traction bars are permitted. Minimum. Wheelbase 130". Converted gas engine short wheelbase vehicles are not allowed

10. Tires must be DOT approved with no modifications.

11. Exhaust must exit in factory location or if exhaust has been modified it must be equipped to direct exhaust upward, behind the driver ‘s compartment. . If the muffler or catalytic converter have been changed from stock, two 3/8 inch diameter, minimum grade 5, bolts must be installed through the exhaust pipe in a cross pattern within one inch of each other as close to the turbo as is practical.

12. Pump diesel or bio diesel only. No injection of ANY foreign matter such as water, water/meth, propane, nitrous, etc.

13. Air to air only no water to air.

14. Computer chips and reprogramming is allowed.

15. No bumpers of excessive weight. Snow plow frames (must be operational) and factory built winch bumpers are acceptable as long as they do not add excessive weight.

16. Diesel Fuel Injection pump is limited to a stock appearing, OEM engine model-specific pump only. Aftermarket Lift pumps are allowed. Diesel engines must be limited to 4500 RPM unless the OEM is higher.

17. Transmission, Automatic: Non-OEM transmissions are prohibited. Aftermarket torque converters, valve bodies and internal components are permitted. Transmission brakes are prohibited. Any non-OEM floor-mounted automatic transmission shifter must be equipped with a spring-loaded positive reverse lockout device to prevent the shifter from accidentally being put into reverse gear. A functional neutral safety switch is mandatory. All transmission lines must be metallic or high-pressure-type hose. All vehicles with engines running 4500 RPM or more and using an automatic transmission must be equipped with a transmission shield meeting SFI Spec 4.1 and must be labeled accordingly. A blanket-type shield is permitted; it must be appropriately labeled as meeting SFI Spec 4.1 and it must extend from the rear of the block to the front of tail housing with a minimum six-inch overlap where it is fastened. All non-blanket-type shields must incorporate two (or one, per manufacturer’s instructions) 3/4 inch by 1/8 inch straps that bolt to the shield on each side and pass under the transmission pan unless the transmission pan is labeled as meeting SFI Spec 4.1. All vehicles with engines running 4500 RPM or more and using an automatic transmission must be equipped with a flex plate meeting SFI Spec 29.1 and be covered by a flex plate shield meeting SFI Spec 30.1.

18. Transmission, Manual: Non-OEM transmissions are prohibited. Aftermarket internal components are permitted. A clutch meeting minimum SFI Spec 1.1 or 1.2 is mandatory on all vehicles with engines running 4500 RPM or more. All manual transmissions must be clutch assisted. Sequential shifters are prohibited. All vehicles with engines running 4500 RPM or more and equipped with a manual transmission must have a flywheel shield labeled as meeting minimum SFI Spec 6.3 or greater. Applications for which an SFI Spec flywheel shield is not available may use a properly attached SFI 4.1 or 4.2 blanket that completely covers the bell housing; it must be attached to the block and extend rearward to the transmission with a minimum six inch overlap where it is fastened.

19. Drivers must wear a DOT approved helmet. Helmet must be fastened. Opened body vehicle drivers must also wear eye protection.