1. Weight: 6,800 lb. Gas Trucks only

2. Three bolt on modifications allowed examples are: Headers/exhaust, throttle body/air intake. Internal engine parts must be stock. IF IT DOESNíT SOUND STOCK ITíS NOT STOCK!

3. No hanging weights allowed. All weights must be secured in the bed of the truck. No weight is allowed in the cab.

4. All factory body panels must be in place; this includes a full bed floor able to support the factory payload. If any interior is removed to make weight no ballast may be placed anywhere on vehicle.

5. Engine must be located in factory location.

6. Must pull off of a Reese style hitch bolted frame rail, Hitch may be mounted inside frame rails but not on top or above frame. Hook point must be rigid in all directions Hooking point must have a minimum 3.0 inch x 3.75 inch opening for sled hook (3.75 inch being front to back of hitch point). Hitch must be horizontal to the ground and the hook point may not exceed 26 inches in height. Hook point must be the furthest point on the back of the truck.

7. A minimum of 1 inch of suspension travel required. If air bags are installed they cannot be a live system, the lines may not contain more than 15 psi.

8. Tires must be DOT approved with no modifications.

9. No bumpers of excessive weight. Snow plow frames (must be operational) and factory built winch bumpers are acceptable as long as they do not add excessive weight.

10. Gasoline only in gas engines. No nitro. Alcohol and propane are also illegal as a fuel or additive.

11. OEM transmission, transfer case and front and rear-end housings are mandatory. They must have been an option on a one-ton or smaller pick-up.

12. Required that driver wear a D.O.T approved helmet.