1. PRO STOCK GAS - 6500 lb.

2. Hanging weights or bumper may not extend more than 60 in. from the center of front axle. No loose objects in the vehicle, all objects must be securely fastened. All vehicles must cross the scale before being teched.

3. One four-barrel carburetor maximum. Aluminum intake allowed. No rams or cross rams allowed. No turbochargers, superchargers, fuel injection, aluminum blocks unless stock for make and model. Nothing but air cleaner and headers can be sticking out of hood. Dominator style carbs. allowed. Aluminum heads are allowed.

4. Headers and open exhaust permitted, Header may extend upward through hood.

5. Blow-proof bell housing & blow-proof blanket are required.

6. All trucks must have at least 6 in. wide u-joint shields around the rear u-joints constructed of at least 3/16 in. steel or 3/8 in. aluminum that will safely contain the u-joint and the ends of each shaft. In addition there will be at least one shaft loop in the middle of the drive shaft. All shields must be securely mounted to the vehicle. Any front shaft u-joint that is visible from the side of the truck must be shielded to contain the u-joint and the end of the shaft.

7. No inspection or license required, but must meet DOT safety rules. Must have working front brakes. Rear brakes not required.

8. An OEM chassis with complete OEM floor pan & firewall is mandatory. Wheel tubs, back-half conversions, tube chassis, etc., are prohibited. The engine and radiator must be in the OEM location for the body used. The vehicle must retain the factory frame and wheelbase length. Drop box and reversers are permitted.

9. Steel cab required, must meet OEM specifications. Beds must have full floor or tarp. All window glass must be in place.

10. Suspension may be blocked or trussed.

11. Hitch must be of a solid construction and rigid in all direction, draw bar style permitted. Hooking point must have a minimum 3.0 inch x 3.75 inch opening for sled hook (3.75 inch being front to back of hitch point). Hook point cannot be more than 26 inches from the ground, and cannot extend more than 6 inches under the truck. Centerline of rear axle to hook point must be a minimum of 25 percent of vehicles wheelbase

12. Gasoline only. All forms of nitro, alcohol and propane are illegal as a fuel or additive.

13. Tires must be street legal tires with a DOT number on the sidewall. Tread pattern may not be altered by cutting. Dual rear tires may not be used in competition. Maximum tire size 36in. high by 16 in. wide.

14. Sled operated kill switch required.

15. Blow Proof harmonic balancer or shield covering 360 degrees highly recommended.

16. Drivers must wear a DOT approved helmet. Helmet must be fastened. Opened body vehicle drivers must also wear eye protection.

17. All trucks must have all hubs covered. Covers donít have to be solid but must contain parts should breakage occur.