3.0 Super Street Diesel

1. Driver must have a state issued drivers license. Trucks in this class do not have to be licensed, inspected or insured for highway use.

2. All “Operation Of Contest” rules apply.

3. All contestants at every event must sign a release & entry form, understanding that they are competing at their own risk and that they will not bring suit against any officials, volunteers, Promoter and/or property owner. By signing the release & entry forms you agree to all rules set forth and warrant that your vehicle meets all the requirements for this class.

4. Engine must be compression ignition engine factory produced for 1 ton or smaller Diesel pick up truck. Engine swaps between manufacturers are allowed in this class. Aftermarket intake manifold is allowed, aftermarket programmers and chips are allowed. Aftermarket water to air intercoolers or air to air intercoolers are allowed, water to air intercoolers can be relocated to inside of weight box. No aftermarket block allowed. Head must be OEM or OEM one piece cast replica for that brand engine. No billet heads of any material. Outside dimensions of cylinder head must measure factory width and length. Head must retain OEM valve angle.

5. Maximum turbocharger permitted is a smooth bore PPL legal turbo limited to a 3.0 inch maximum inlet with NO map groove ring and all air entering through the 3.0 inch intake opening. Intake wheel must protrude 1/8 inch inside the opening. Turbocharger inlet hose must be removed for measuring by Tech Official at any time requested or vehicle will be disqualified.

6. Maximum truck weight including driver is 8,000lb. All trucks must be weighed before class begins. Front mounted weights may not extend more than 60 inches from the centerline of front axle. Any added weights in the bed must be securely mounted.

7. Fuel must be #1 or #2 diesel fuel only. Soy/Biodiesel fuel is permitted. No other combustible material (nitrous, propane, etc) may be injected into the turbocharger or any part of the air intake system. Water injection is prohibited. All water injection, nitrous & propane systems must be removed from vehicle. Diesel fuel standards for dielectric constant test are greater than 30 and less than 150.

8. Fuel Injection pump, maximum P7100 pump allowed, one plunger permitted per cylinder. The use of multiple high pressure common rail fuel pumps is permitted. Powerstroke engines with single factory turbo may utilize a second HPOP. No fuel tanks, fuel lines or batteries allowed in cab of truck unless factory installed. Electronic fuel injection is permitted. A 3 way dump valve mounted before the injection pump which can be operated by the driver while strapped in the seat is mandatory.

9. All vehicles must be equipped with a 2-1/2lb, dry chemical fire extinguisher or 1lb. Halon extinguisher. Extinguishers must be fully charged, in working condition, and secured convenient to driver.

10. Seat belts with shoulder strap are required and must be worn during competition.

11. Driver must wear D.O.T. Approved helmet. SFI approved fire jacket required. Driver must wear long pants and shoes.

12. Master air shutoff or electronic shutoff must be installed on rear of truck with a 2 inch diameter ring for sled operator and also one to the cab for driver.

13. The hitch hook point must be at least 44 inches rearward from centerline of rear axle and stationary in all directions. Hitch must be mounted to frame behind centerline of rear axle and not exceed a 25 degree angle from pivot point to hook points. Maximum height of hook point may not exceed a 26 inches before, during or after pull. Must have a minimum 3.00 inch wide x 3.75 inch long hole for sled hook. No “trick” type hitches allowed. No hitch supports or adjusters fastened to the rear axle housing shall be above the centerline of the rear axle.

14. Vehicles must have a O.E.M. Firewall and floor. Only holes allowed are those for brakes, Clutch, Transmission controls and wiring. No fuel lines or tanks permitted inside truck cab unless securely mounted in marine box.

15. Wheels and tires must have D.O.T. Approved number on sidewall. No cutting, grooving, shaping or sharpening of tire tread is permitted. No studded tires or chains allowed. No dual tires on front axle.

16. Rigid or 4 link suspensions are permitted. No air bags allowed.

17. Drivetrain can be any front and rear housing, any transfer case, no planetaries. Wheelbase of truck must be original wheelbase for the truck being used. Maximum width is 102 inches.

18. Minimum wheelbase is 130 inches. Converted gas engine short wheelbase trucks are not permitted.

19. All engines must have deflection shield running the complete length of the block casting. Shield must be securely fastened and must be .060 thick (this equates a steel inner fender). All engine fans must be shrouded. Engine must have cable surrounding block and head. Cable must be minimum 3/8 inch diameter located between cylinders #1 and #2. Cable must pass thru manifolds with 4-6 inches of slack and minimum 4 cable clamps at splice.

20. Engine and radiator must be in original location as intended by manufacturer. If engine is swapped between manufacturers, front of engine block is limited to 17 inches forward of centerline of front axle.

21. Truck body must be O.E.M. One ton or smaller diesel pick up. Beds with cut out floors must have tonneau cover installed. All window glass must be in place. Doors and windows must function. No plexiglas windows. Fiberglass body parts are not permitted unl;ess they are O.E.M. Duel rear wheel trucks are not required to have dually fenders.

22. Exhaust thru hood or fenders will be permitted, exhaust must exit straight upward. Two 3/8 inch diameter bolts must be placed through the exhaust pipe in a cross pattern within one inch of each other as close to turbo as practical.

23. Hand throttles are permitted. Must have adequate spring pressure to automatically return to closed position.

24. All trucks in this class must have U-joint shields on all driveshaft U-joints visible from side of truck. Shield must be minimum 6 inches wide, made of minimum 3/16 inch steel or ¼ inch aluminum and centered over U-joint. All driveshafts must have driveshaft loops 12 inches from each u-joint, minimum 1 inch wide steel or solid ½ inch rod, 360 degrees around driveshaft. Driveshaft loops and U-joint shields may be 2 pieces bolted together to form loop. No chains allowed. All shields and loops must be securely mounted to the vehicle. All intermediate shafts between the transmission and transfer case must be totally enclosed in 3/8 inch aluminum or 5/16 inch steel, ¼ inch of shaft may be visible.

25. Transmission, Automatic: Aftermarket torque converters, valve bodies and internal components are permitted. Transmission brakes are prohibited. Any non-O.E.M. Floor mounted automatic transmission shifter must be equipped with a spring loaded positive reverse lock out device to prevent the shifter from accidentally being put into reverse gear. A functional neutral safety switch is mandatory. All transmission lines must be metallic or high pressure type hose. All vehicles with engines running 4500 rpm or more and using an automatic transmission must be equipped with a transmission shield meeting SFI Spec 4.1 and must be labeled accordingly. A blanket type shield is permitted; it must be appropriately labeled as meeting SFI Spec 4.1 and it must extend from the rear of the engine block to the front of tail housing with a minimum 6 inch overlap where it is fastened. All blanket type shields must incorporate two (or one, per manufacturers instructions) ¾ inch by 1/8 inch straps that bolt to the shield on each side and pass under the transmission pan unless the transmission pan is labeled as meeting SFI Spec 4.1. All vehicles with engines running 4500 rpm or more and using an automatic transmission must be equipped with a flex plate meeting minimum SFI Spec 29.1 and be covered by a flex plate shield meeting SFI Spec 30.1. Transmission Manual: No cast iron clutches or flywheels permitted. A clutch meeting minimum SFI Spec 1.1 or 1.2 in mandatory on all vehicles with engines running 4500 rpm or more. All vehicles with engines running 4500 rpm or more and equipped with a manual transmission must have a flywheel shield labeled as meeting SFI Spec 6.3 or greater. Applications for which an SFI Spec flywheel shield is not available may use properly attached SFI 4.1 or 4.2 blanket that completely covers the bell housing; it must be attached to the block and extend rearward to the transmission with a minimum 6 inch overlap where it is fastened.

26. All engines running 4500 rpm or higher must be equipped with a harmonic balancer or damper meeting SFI Spec 18.1

27. Axle shields are required on both front and rear axles. Shield to be minimum .060 thickness and cannot be mounted to axle end or hub bolts. A hole may be installed in the center of front axle shield to unlock hub. Hubs must be locked in when you pull onto the track.

28. Track officials will have the option to check competitors for rule violations at any time during the events. Contest will be governed by Track Officials and Competition Director with all decision final!

29. Verbal or physical abuse toward any track official will result in automatic disqualification.